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Running Amok was first created in 1995 as a combination soapbox and Are You Being Served? fan site. In 1996, the two sites split apart into separate entities: Minki's Soapbox and Are You Being Served? Forever. Over the years, Running Amok has been the home of many different websites: a few are still around, but most served their purpose(s) and have subsequently gone off to heaven.

There are currently three sites here; one site is static, meaning that there are no updates planned for the time being. minki.net currently serves as hub to direct you around :)

As for myself, not too much to say, really. I live in the Northern Hemisphere with my husband, son, two cats and one dog. Not all of my websites are located at minki.net--I've got them tucked here and there throughout the internet. If you want to know some of my interests, go visit my sites and the Links page.

The term "Running Amok" actually describes my culinary skills.

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Links and Linking
To link to Running Amok and/or any of its individual sites on your own webspace, just go ahead and do it. If you remember, drop me a note to tell me where your site it so I can go visit it (and probably link you back).

To have me link your site, e-mail me your URL and I'll check it out. Most likely, I'll add it.

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AIM: minki la moo
Y!: minki_roo
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